Four tips to choosing the right course

We know taking that first step to your future can be quite daunting, but that’s exactly why we are here! We’re here to help, and ensure you find the right course stress free! Today, we bring you UCAS’ Top 4 tips to getting started..

1. Choose your course 
The first place to go is our search tool – it’s no good deciding on a uni until you know they have the right course for you. If you’re struggling to choose between courses and unis, we’ve got some advice in this short video.

2. Be realistic 
Check the entry requirements to see if you meet the minimum requirements they ask for. The entry requirements are usually based on your qualifications, but can also contain admissions tests or an interview. The university’s entry requirements will be shown in our search tool but it’s always worth giving them a quick ring if they’re unclear.

3. It’s all about the vibe 
Do you like the idea of a large university in a big city, or a smaller one in a leafy suburb? Do you want to stay close to home (handy for washing and meals!) or are you ready to go it alone? Make sure you attend an open day before you commit to a uni, as you’d want to get a feel for the place before you reply to your offers. If you’re attending an open day, make the most of your visit by checking out our top tips.

4. Get the low down 
Download the UCAS news app from the App store or Google play, and sign up for the monthly newsletters. They both contain all the key dates you need for applying, tips on writing personal statements, university profiles, and info on student life. As well as that, the app has lots of additional stuff such as how to jazz up your fish finger sandwich, to discovering unis where you can pick your own fruit!

So you know the best way to pick a course, now get you just need to pick one. Don’t put it off any longer, take a look though our courses now!


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