Career routes into Engineering

Engineering is vast and varied. But it is very rewarding. Both financially and in terms of creating something brand new. With there being a skills shortage right across the board in Engineering, what better time to get involved?! iCould let you know how you can start that route…

Engineering at college

Popular engineering qualifications at college include BTECs at levels 2 and 3, or HNC, HND and foundation degrees, either in general engineering, or a particular field of engineering, such as electrical, electronic, aerospace, civil, chemical or mechanical.

Engineering apprenticeships

If you’re thinking of going to university, check admissions requirements to ensure you have the right subject combinations for further study. Maths and physics A-Levels (or equivalent) are required for the majority of engineering degrees (chemistry is needed for a chemical engineering degree). Design & technology and computer science can also be useful subjects.

Apprenticeships allow you to earn money while you study and can open doors to a wide variety of engineering jobs. You will generally need a minimum of five GCSEs (or equivalent), including English, maths and science or technology subjects, often at A* to C level due to competition for places. To see more about engineering apprenticeships, visit the National Apprenticeship Service. To find out more about apprenticeships in the engineering construction industry visit the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board  

Engineering at university

There are a wide range of engineering courses available. You can pick a specialist course – or choose one which offers a general introduction for a year or two, before specialising. Some courses offer valuable work experience with a year in industry. Entry grades and course content varies, but for most engineering courses you’ll need maths and physics A-level (or equivalent) – or for chemical engineering, chemistry A-level (or equivalent). If you have a specific career in mind, check the course content is right before applying.

So you’ve decided you you want to be an Engineer, you know how to become one, you just actually need to crack on and do it! Don’t worry we can help, take a look through our Engineering courses now!


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