16 Sheffield Lifehacks Every Local Should Know

Sheffield is great. Really, really great. But sometimes life can start to get to you!

Wow247 have produced this fantastic list to save you time, effort and money over the festive period!

1. Use Sheffield’s answer to Uber

city taxi Sheffield

Uber might be dominating the cabbie world right now, but why not try a local alternative? My City Taxi is a freebie app that, like its global counterpart, remembers where you’ve been and stores addresses for you. At just the click of a button you can book a taxi and even watch on the little map as your driver pulls up outside your door. Perfect.

2. Snag a free day at the gym


Gym memberships can be pretty expensive these days, especially if you can only muster the strength to go once in a blue moon. Virgin Active Gyms have a great deal, though, which may just help you. If you happen to have a gym bunny mate (there’s always one, isn’t there?), it’s time to start sucking up to them. Every now and then, they will get a deal to take a friend to the gym with them. When that offer rolls around, you need to be the person they ask.

3. Pay just £1 for your cuppa

Nosh Sheffield Deal

Coffee is not a mere beverage; it’s a lifestyle choice. If you happen to love the hot stuff as much as the Gilmore Girls, you might struggle to pay for that very real addiction. Head to Nosh on a Monday or Tuesday, though, and you might just find the ideal solution. To start off your working week, the good people at this café offer you a treat – just £1 per drink.

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4. Learn a language for free

If you’d like to chit chat in more than one lingo, you should have paid attention in class. Failing that, you can learn a foreign tongue for free. Gumtree Sheffield is an excellent place to look for tandem language partners. If you click on the community page, you should find that there are people looking to learn a little English from you in exchange for their language.

5. Discover the (new) Orange Wednesdays

Mr Miyagi's sushi

Unfortunately, the original Orange Wednesday deal (2-4-1 cinema tickets) is but a distant memory, but never fear! There’s a new reason to love the humpiest of days. Mr Miyagi’s Revolving Sushi Bar offers a neat little mid-week deal you might want to check out. If you head to the Japanese eatery, you can nab any plate for the same price as an orange plate. (The system works much like Yo! Sushi with different coloured plates usually costing an array of prices.) That means that you can have a sushi feast for less than a tenner.

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6. Take a shortcut through Millennium Gallery

Rushing for a train through town can be a nightmare. Between the buskers and chuggers, there’s hardly room to get stepping. If you want to cut out a hill and get out of the rain, head through the Winter Gardens and Millennium Gallery. Not only will you get to feel as though you’re walking through an enchanted forest, but you will also shave a couple of minutes off your journey.

7. Treat yourself to a free makeover

Makeup John Lewis Sheffield

Heading out for a night on the town? Want to look fantastic for your graduation day pics? Whatever your reason for needing a makeover, you shouldn’t have to pay the earth for it. This tip is a little cheeky, but it does work: simply visit the makeup counters at the likes of John Lewis or Debenhams. When you ask the lovely staff about certain products, they’ll offer to show you how to use them. Before you know it, you have a full face of slap for free.

8. Get cheeky cheap bus fares*

*If you happen to be a student!

There are many perks to studying in Sheffield – the endless nights out and freebie shot offers. No perk is as great as this one, though. Flash that all-important student ID at the bus driver and your fare will cost you just £1. Now, wouldn’t you rather part with a hundred pennies than walk up another damn hill, eh?

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9. Grab some 50p threads

Sheffield Charity Shop

Vintage clothing is a trend that never dies, especially here in Sheffield. If you don’t fancy paying £30 for some old boots that are already battered, you need to visit charity shops. The Sheffield Cats’ Shelter Charity Shop is a brilliant place to start. Every Sunday, these guys take all the clothes that haven’t sold in a while and put them on a 50p rack. If you get there at about midday, you will find that there’s a massive bunch of clothing items for next to nothing. (Also, you will be helping some cute kitty-cats)

10. Pay less for your vino

As if you need an excuse to launch a weekday drinking campaign, the Frog and Parrot have a great deal from Monday to Wednesday. For these three days, you can get any bottle of wine from their extensive list for the price of the house plonk.

11. Take a budget trip to the theatre

Lyceum Theatre Sheffield

If you’re between the tender ages of 16 and 26, you can get a little culture in your life for just a fiver. Live for 5 is a great deal that Sheffield Theatres run throughout the year. If you sign up, it means that you can grab yourself tickets to a show (you can buy two at a time), for £5 a shot. The theatres have selected plays that they include in this deal, but it’s worth asking about most any show they have. If a particular show doesn’t sell out, you may find that the theatres let you buy cheapo tickets anyway.

12. Find out the Sheffield gossip

Whenever something happens in the neighbourhood, there’s just one place to look. Sheffield Forum is your go-to site for all the latest city gossip. Sure, much of what people post on there has come from the deepest, weirdest cavities of their minds, but reading the site is still a laugh. If you choose the right threads, you can even find out about some interesting events.

13. Let your kids eat all they can

U Buffet Sheffield Deal

Next Sunday, why not forget the meat and potatoes, eh? U Buffet on West Street is a relatively new addition to the city centre. If you’ve yet to try this place, make sure that you head there on a the day of rest, when your little kiddies can eat for nothing. This all-you-can-eat experience is well worth trying, especially if you happen to get this deal.

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14. Never miss a bus again

There’s nothing worse than standing in the pouring rain, waiting for a bus that seems like it’ll never arrive. You don’t want to dip into a shop or café, as the moment you do, your bus is bound to turn up. Urgh. If only you could wait inside somewhere warm until you are sure the bus will be there. Well, now you can. The Moovit app gives you live updates about local public transport. If you time things right, you can reach the stop at the same time as your bus. It even tells you when buses are delayed, which is pretty much always to be fair.

15. Indulge in a £1 hot choc

Gelato Original

Gelato Original is the must-visit place for all your Sheffield sweet-tooths. When the weather gets windy and rainy, only a creamy, delicious hot chocolate can turn your bad mood. Every Tuesday, this place offers that indulgent treat for just £1.

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16. Get 20% off your Japanese food

Treating yourself to a tasty, tangy noodle dishes can be a hell of a lot less expensive if you follow this simple tip. Sakushi offer a loyalty card, which anyone can get for free when they ask at the main counter. Once you have this magic card, you will always get 20% off your bills at the quaint little eatery. Simply show the staff your card and they will reduce your bill in an instant.



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