Advent Day 4 – Top 5 Christmas Films Reviewed

We’re into day 4 of our Advent Calendar already and between giving away prizes we’re bring you loads of great Christmassy content! Today, our Journalism and Social Media Communication students have reviewed their top 5 Christmas Films. Enjoy!

The Snowman 


Every year without a doubt, on the 25th of December, the heart-warming, emotional film is always on…’The Snowman’ which has been covered by David Bowie and Mel Smith, this film was originally released in 1982, and when watching it every year, it never gets old. This film is about a boy who built a snowman which is every child’s wish at Christmas, and it comes to life becoming his best friend. This film is filled with cheer and tears. I loved watching it as a child, and I still love watching it. This is a must see over the Christmas period, it is a very short film lasting around half an hour meaning that when children are watching it, it grabs their full attention as it doesn’t drag on for too long. It is that short, I love watching it maybe twice in a row (even more … shh) The song ‘walking in the air’ is adapted into the film making the scene very high in emotions, the film made me smile all the way through it … even when I was crying. I urge you to watch this film once, maybe twice…maybe three times…you won’t regret it the slightest.

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas


This movie is a well-known Christmas classic, perfect for all ages. It follows the story of the Grinch, who ran away from home as a child because the Who’s were bullying him, in his plot to steal Christmas, which is eventually foiled by the adorable Cindy Lou Who, together they bring back the Christmas that the Grinch had stolen and he’s welcomed back into Who-ville.

The movie shows themes of friendship and acceptance, it shows children that even if someone is different we should still respect them. The characters all have such unique personalities, the Who’s are meant to be happy friendly people but some are much darker when others are not around, the Grinch is only like he is because of them and he really does have a heart.

It’s a great movie about acceptance and the importance of Christmas and friendship. But also not to judge someone by how they may appear, we all judge the Grinch at the start but throughout the movie we learn about his past and start to feel for him and see that he really is a sweetheart by the end.

Home Alone

Home Alone.jpg

If you haven’t seen this Christmas classic you’ve missed a big chunk of your childhood. Macaulay Culkin plays Kevin McCallister, an impish preteen defending his house from thieves after making his family ‘disappear’.

Far from making them ‘disappear’ in reality he only managed to get himself forgotten by his family when they left in route for France. Kevin’s living the bachelor lifestyle until the Wet Bandits invade his neighbourhood, setting their sights on his home.

Through a series of pranks scaled to the extreme he infuriates the robbers trying to invade his house. From burning door handles to spikes into their bare feet he humiliates and pulverises them, sending them scurrying with their tails between their legs.

Victorious Kevin’s celebration didn’t last long, his loneliness at being alone on Christmas setting in. He comes to realise that he does miss his family, even if they annoy him most of the time, and that the holidays just aren’t the same without them.

This heart-warming coming of age movie has nestled its way into millions of people’s hearts, Kevin’s mischievous ways becoming ingrained in a generation of kids.



Elf is by far the best Christmas film in the world! It’s the most festive and fun Christmas film to watch as the seasonal period approaches.

Buddy (Will Ferrell) climbs into Santa’s sack as a toddler and is raised in the North Pole as an elf. After eventually growing older and being 3 times the size of the rests of the elves, he immediately journeys to New York in search of his real father who turns out to be a non-believer and results in plenty of comical encounters.

If you’re into silly and merry films when it comes to Christmas, then you will love this! Ferrell plays his part amazingly as a silly and childish elf and I don’t think it would be the same if anyone else replaced him.

Would I encourage you to see this film? Of course I would! Anyone who hasn’t seen this film is missing something when it comes to Christmas. Christmas can only be complete with watching this film at least once during December, or even November if you like to start early. But seriously, if you don’t watch this film then you’re a “Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins” (quoted by Buddy the elf).

The Polar Express


There are not enough good words in the dictionary to describe this film, it’s exciting with twists and turns throughout the experience of watching it. Tom Hanks, Nona Gaye and Peter Scolari enter into the spirit of Christmas which is captured well in this film. As the main character (Hanks) who doesn’t believe, he is driven off on a trip of a life time embarking on much different adventure. The message of this film is to believe and enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

There is some hair rising moments in the film, when the young hero rides on top of the train during a major snowstorm and when they do reach the North Pole it doesn’t stop there.

The film is a real family film which is fun for all ages. Some of the positive points about the film would have to be when they arrive at the North Pole and with all the lights and Santa himself, it really does get you in the mood for Christmas. There is nothing bad that I can think of when watching this film.

The film was released in 2004 and every year since then it has been one of the films me and my family still sit down to watch.

This film is a must with a mince pie.

If you fancy yourself as a budding film critic, or simply love to write to a wide audience, then take a look into our Journalism courses today!


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