Advent Day 2 – Top 5 Christmas Getaways

Fed up of Christmas in England and ready for a bit of something different? No worries, our Travel and Tourism students have picked their top 5 Christmas getaways for you to whisk yourself away to without losing the magic that is Christmas!


Rome, home of Caesar and the Romans, is a delightful Christmas getaway as it’s ruins get a festive makeover. Expect plenty of light decorations and a whole host of Christmas markets (somewhere around 20!) to get you shopping fix!

Rome xmas


If you want reindeer, grottos and snow then you’re not going to find anywhere better than Lapland. Up in the Finnish wilderness, the snow blanketed region is a delight for all the family at this time of year – and who knows, you may even find Santa hiding out…



A bit of a leftfield suggestion, but where better to enjoy your festivities than in one the most stunning Cathedrals in the world? Join in with carollers in the street, roast chestnuts amongst the hustle and bustle of shoppers, and take in some spectacular nativity scenes!


New York

If you need any other reason to go to New York at Christmas other than it’s New York at Christmas, then maybe it’s not for you! From ice skating your way around the massive tree in the Rockefeller Centre Plaza to window shopping down Fifth Avenue, simply taking in the magic that is illuminated New York at Christmas is a sight to behold.


Rio de Janeiro

Not a fan of the cold? No worries, the Southern Hemisphere has that covered for you! Deep in the realms of Brazilian summer, Christmas in Rio is quite different to your traditional white Christmas. Firework displays from the mountains, Christmas parades, and the largest display of full-size nativity scenes in the world all with the big Jesus casting his eye on proceedings from the mountain side as the Brazilians really get the party mood going over Christmas.


If exploring the world at all times of the year is something that you can’t wait to do, why not take a look through our Travel Courses at The Sheffield College and see how many countries you can spend Christmas in!




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