This New Hair Dyeing Technique Will Actually Give You Mermaid Hair

BuzzFeed have brought to our attention a crazy new hair dying technique called “fluid hair painting.” Painting your hair might sound a bit bonkers, but believe me you can get some really cool effects by doing it. Here’s how!


The method is done by hand painting the hair in sections on a large flat surface.


The client reclines back on the edge of a table and the hair gets fanned out for easy application. To give you that super beautiful soft gradient effect.


According to creator KL Christoffersen, the term “fluid hair painting” reflects the final result of the hair after it drops down. “Because the hair is over directed during the application process, it collapses into a fluid color gradient when styled,” she told BuzzFeed.

“Visually speaking, this is an exciting process to create and watch,” said KL. “What I love about using this technique is that the final results are endless – from mimicking sun-kissed baby highlights to creating a multi-colored rainbow explosion. It’s really quite versatile!”

“It’s been fun to connect with other stylists who have been searching for something different to use in their craft, and I’ve loved connecting with colorists from all over the world!” said KL. “Even though we don’t speak the same language, we can connect through our art. Of course there are those who hate on it, but I challenge them to at least try it for themselves to see the results.”

Fluid hair painting might be your new go-to technique. But remember, even though it looks easy, it takes a skilled professional to paint hair by hand.


“I highly recommend NOT trying this at home,” said KL. “It looks like it would be easy, but there’s a lot of intention behind each brush stroke. It’s not just laying down and slapping color on the hair. You should definitely see a licensed professional for this method.”

If playing around with hair and getting to try out all the latest hair styles and techniques sounds like a dream to you, don’t hesitate in taking a look at our Hairdressing courses here at The Sheffield College!


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