#LoveLearningStuff – a blog entry by JB Gill

I #LoveLearningStuff and recently spent some time with students at The Sheffield College; finding out what they love learning about, and their progress on their courses.

My work with The Sheffield College is focussed on my School of Entertainment Industries. This has been such an exciting experience for me; working with young people and helping them shape their futures and careers in one of the most exciting sectors of British industry.

The careers and pathways involved in the entertainment industry are so much more than just performing. Every performer needs an agent, and many will have lawyers, accountants, personal assistants, PR agents, tour managers and more – the course I have helped design will prepare young people for these jobs.

Not only has working with The Sheffield College allowed me to give something back, but I have developed a real passion for learning and education. With an education, you are pushing your future into a more positive direction. This will include a rewarding career with higher wages and salaries, but more than that, it will nourish you as a person and you will see growth in your wider development such as communication and people skills.

All students at The Sheffield College, including those in my School of Entertainment Industries, are part of The Sheffield College Guarantee. This means that they are promised a place on a higher education course, an apprenticeship or other studies if they are successful on their current course.
I was so happy to spend time with some students a few weeks ago, they told me they were really enjoying their studies at The Sheffield College. They had trips planned, masterclasses from guest speakers, and they all told me their learning was fun and enjoyable.

Many of my students are looking towards university or the world of work once they have finished their studies at The Sheffield College. Through the teachers’ expertise, contacts and links to business, industry and universities, I am excited to see what their future holds for them.
Please join me on Twitter on Tuesday 8th DECEMBER 2015 AT 6pm – 6:20pm for a chat. You can tweet any questions you have on learning and education, using the hashtag #LoveLearningStuff and including the @sheffcol Twitter handle, and I will answer from my own Twitter account.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I absolutely #LoveLearningStuff, and I look forward to your questions and thoughts on education and learning.


Best wishes,
JB Gill


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