2015’s Biggest Movie Flops Revealed

Everyone loves watching films, and what a year 2015 has been! But for every Jurassic World that stormed the box office charts, there was a film crashing and burning and probably costing the director quite a lot of money! Wow247 report on Forbes’ list of the biggest movie flops of 2015

Cinema goers have been treated to a fairly bumper year in terms of big name releases.

Who can forget Jurassic World, the long awaited next entry into the Jurassic Park series, which rocketed to the top of the box office charts and broke sales records like a T-Rex tearing through an electrified fence, becoming one of the highest grossing films of all time in the process?


But spare a thought for those films at the other end of the spectrum.

Business magazine Forbes has released a list of 2015’s biggest movie flops, and films featuring some surprisingly big names make the cut.

Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, and Chris Hemsworth have all starred in films that have bombed at the box office this year.

The list is curated by comparing a film’s box office returns against its estimated production costs, and working out what percentage of cash they managed to scrape back.


The Chris Hemsworth thriller Blackhat lands on the list in third place, only managing to secure around 28% of its reported £46 million budget.

The Johnny Depp starring Mortdecai – which we savaged in brutal style – is in at number 10, just ahead of Aloha at number nine, which features Bradley Cooper and the curious casting of Emma Stone as a fighter pilot who was part-Chinese, part-Hawaiian and part-Swedish, among its ranks.

But it is Bill Murray flick Rock The Kasbah, which has so far not enjoyed a UK release (and which doesn’t look likely now), that takes the ‘coveted’ number one spot, pulling in a ‘paltry’ £2 million.

The full list of 2015 movie flops:

Movie Worldwide box office gross Estimated production budget % return on budget
1. Rock the Kasbah £1.9m £9.95m 19.13%
2. The Gunman £7.10m £26.5m 26.75%
3. Blackhat £12.8m £46.48m 27.71%
4. Unfinished Business £9.56m £23.2m 41.14%
5. Jem and the Holograms £1.5m £3.3m 46.00%
6. Self/Less £8.16m £17.2m 47.31%
7. American Ultra £10.2m £18.59m 55.00%
8. We Are Your Friends £2.39m £3.9m 60.00%
9. Aloha £17.46m £24.56m 71.08%
10. Mortdecai £31.4m £39.8m 78.83%
11. Pan £79.5m £99.58m 79.87%
12. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 £8.69m £9.29m 93.57%
13. Jupiter Ascending £122m £116.84m 104.49%
14. Tomorrowland £138.7m £126.13m 110.00%
15. Crimson Peak £41.6m £36.51m 113.82%

Sean Penn’s The Gunman, which he co-wrote as well as starred in, came in second place, with George Clooney’s sci-fi family film Tomorrowland, which received mixed reviews upon its release, landing in 14th place.

But it wasn’t just smaller films that flopped at the cinemas, with big budget blockbuster fare like Pan – starring Hugh Jackman – failing to make a return on its near £100 million investment. Though, as we predicted, it’s far from the biggest failure in movie history some predicted it to be.

Here’s hoping 2016 is kinder to our Hollywood stars.

jackman crying

If you think you could do better than some of these flops, or would love to be able to write film reviews of your favourite and least favourite films, take a look at our Film courses – housed in our new Centre for Creative Industries!


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