12 Free Apps That Will Make You a Smarter Person

We know that you lot love to learn. But why does learning have to be confined to a classroom? What if it was portable?!

What if it is?!

Well, it definitely is. There are a whole range of mobile apps you can download to your phone or tablet that allow you to keep on learning and become the envy of your mates with some really cool knowledge! And best of all, Wow247 have done all the hard work for you pulling a list together of the best free apps!

Sky Map

Sky Map logo

Ever found yourself gazing skyward on a clear night and wondering just what that really bright star up there is? Well, chances are, it’s not a star – it’s a planet. A whole other world harboring more secrets than we could possibly imagine. With this app handy simply point your phone to the stars, and by the magic of GPS tracking your screen will display a mapped out version of the heavens.

Want to find something specific? Tap it into the search bar and the app will direct you to its location.

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Star Walk

Star Walk app logo

Like the above, Star Walk uses location tracking and the gyroscopic mechanisms inside your device to paint an informative picture of the night sky. While perhaps not as cleanly presented and user friendly, Star Walk comes packed with even more features; tap on an object of interest for even more details, or use the Time Feature to see what the sky above your head looked like at any time in history. Cool, huh?

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NASA app logo

This allows budding space explorers an up-close-and-personal look at the goings on over at NASA. All the features you could ever ask for are included: a live stream of NASA TV, thousands of archived images and videos, and detailed launch and mission information. It even packs full social media connectivity for sharing your discoveries with friends.

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Google Maps

Google Maps app logo

While Google Maps is predominantly used to seek out the nearest pubs, takeaways and other favoured amenities, it can actually be a pretty good learning tool. We’ve wasted countless hours just browsing Google Maps, having an explore of places we’d like to go and swooping down in to Street View for a closer look. The desktop version is able to take advantage of user created ‘layers’ that can add anything from the location of disused railway lines to still-standing World War II artifacts. A valuable tool for both geography and history, if you know how.

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Earth-Viewer app logo

Earthviewer could quickly and easily be dismissed as a Google Earth clone on first glance. But delve a little deeper, and you’ll find maps with some excellent learning features; maps that track the movements of the Earth’s continents across millions of years, maps that can trace the positions of modern cities across eons of continental drift, and even mark their expected future positions, as well as temperature maps of the past century. Designed with the bigger screens of tablets in mind, this is fascinating stuff.

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Quakefeed app logo

This intriguing app uses data from the U.S. Geological Survey to display a real-time updated map of earthquakes recorded around the world. Choosing to view information in either a list or on a world map, users can see color coded pins displaying quake strength, and can investigate any given quake further, such as magnitude and epicenter depth. You’d be surprised how many (admittedly tiny) quakes go unnoticed in Britain!

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Anatomy 4D

Anatomy 4D app logo

Probably not one for the squeamish, the 4D in Anatomy‘s name comes from its use of augmented reality technology, which allows 3D models of human organs to appear right in front of you. Simply print off a free image target, lay it on a flat surface and point your camera at it, and the app will display a 3D computer graphics rendering of the human body and its various organ systems. Users can zoom in and out and change the viewing angle simply by moving their phone around the target, and can select points of interest for more information.

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Touch SurgeryTouch Surgery logo

Touch Surgery

Ever wanted to give surgery ago, but always thought that dusty ol’ Operation game sitting in the corner wasn’t nearly realistic enough? Then this is the app the for you. Touch Surgery allows the users to tackle a number of different surgeries, without the looming fear of manslaughter charges if it all goes wrong. You won’t become a qualified surgeon any time soon, but you’ll at least picks up some facts on the workings of the human body along the way.


Science Bank

Science Bank app logo

Science Bank comes packed with facts and definitions in the worlds of biology, chemistry, physics, space and the environment. Presenting its information in a fun and colourful way, this could be the app for getting youngsters into sciences, and you can also save your favourite facts and pictures to return to later.

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Skeptical Science

skeptical-science app logo

What to do about that annoying ‘friend’ who’s always claiming global warming doesn’t exist? Simply show them Skeptical Science: a quick guide to debunking climate change denial, which lists the most commonly used arguments against climate change’s existence, and quickly provides proof in the opposite direction. We’d like to see the app tackle other scientific misconceptions, but this eco-friendly stance is a great starting point.

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Wolfram Alpha

wolfram alpha logo app

Stick any ol’ search term into Google and you’ll no doubt get a faceless list of suggested web pages. It’ll be helpful, sure, but it won’t answer your query right away, and won’t offer you anything extra. Wolfram Alpha on the other hand, touts itself as more than just a search engine – using its computational knowledge to answer questions on everything from mathematics and statistics to physics and earth sciences.

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TED talks have become big internet business over the past few years, with many an inquisitive mind’s late night taken up by “just one more talk”. With presentations on just about every subject you can imagine, TED is able to bring in some of the finest experts to put on engaging talks on their given topics. This app handily collates them all in to one place, so you’re never more than a screen’s tap away from learning your next fascinating insight.

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If these apps have only whet your appetite further for learning, then why not have a look through our courses here at The Sheffield College and evolve your knowledge today!


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