Want to work in theatre?

Want to work in Theatre, but not quite sure of the best way to get there?! Check out these fantastic tips from iCould and start putting the wheels in motion today!

1. Find out what it’s really like

“Contact theatres,” advises Claire Williamson, stage manager at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, “quite often we’ll absolutely be delighted to have you in.” Ask if you can watch backstage for a day or sit backstage during a show.

2. Get relevant experience

“Get as much experience outside of school or college,” advises Lisa Williamson, creative learning facilitor. With so many people coming out of university with similar skills and qualifications, relevant experience can really help you stand out. “Volunteer at your local theatre or assist with a drama group at your local community centre.”

3. Make the most of opportunities

“Don’t be particular…there’s always something to learn,” says Leila Kalbassi, scenic artist at Dundee Repertory Theatre, “The smallest company can teach you the biggest things.”

4. Consider related work

“Be open-minded about other talents that you have related to the arts, things like maybe writing or directing,” says actor Caroline Williamson, “Loads of actors do those things on the side whether it be in between acting jobs or alongside their acting work and that keeps them involved in doing what they love.”

5. Prove yourself

There are lots routes into a theatre career, but once you’re got your foot in the door, “work hard and work well,” says Euan McLaren, head of lighting and sound at the Royal Lyceum.

If this has only furthered your passion and desire to act, produce or help with Theatre on the big stage, then don’t hesitate in looking at our amazing Performing Arts courses – which are held at our brand spanking new Centre for Creative Industries at the Hillsborough campus complete with new state-of-the-art Theatre and facilities!


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