Job of the Week – Dentist!

It’s that time of the week again as we bring you all the latest information on the best jobs in the Sheffield City Region!

Job of the Week is here to bring you all the latest information on occupations in the Sheffield City Region to help you decide whether it may be the right career path for you, or not for that matter.

This week we’re arming you with the latest and most up to date information for Dentist!

As you can see in the table below, there are currently 304 Dentists employed in the Sheffield City Region, working in both the public sector for the NHS and also for in the private sector.

Jobs (2015) % Change (2015-2020) Median Earnings
304 10.4% £30.22/hr

Dentistry is a fantastic career to get into and, aside from the obvious benefits of having pearly whites, there is set to be a 10.4% increase of jobs in the region! That means, over the next 5 years, there will be 32 new job positions as a Dental Practitioner available in the Sheffield City Region taking the total to 336.

Training to become a Dentist may take a bit longer than your average job, but you will earn really good money once you qualify. Like really, really good! In the Sheffield City Region average earnings are £30.22 per hour, which is higher than the national average per hour. If you are a newly qualified dentist and you want to work in the NHS, you will need to take the one year Dental Foundation Training. The annual salary for this is £30,132.

Salaried NHS dentists working for local NHS services earn between £38,095 and £81,480 a year, whilst Self-employed dentists covering both private and NHS patients will typically earn between £50,000 and £110,000 a year.


Region 2015 Jobs 2020 Jobs % Change
Sheffield City Region 304 336 10.4%
Nation 10,667 11,543 8.2%

The data in the table also shows that the Sheffield City Region is also outgrowing Dentistry job growth across the nation – so why would you need to go anywhere else?!

That’s all well and good, but what do you actually need to be good at and interested in to become a Dentist? Well…

To become a dentist, you will need to have:

  • A strong academic background and an interest and ability in science
  • Good eyesight and colour vision
  • The ability to carry out delicate work with medical instruments
  • The ability to concentrate for long periods
  • Excellent communication skills to explain treatments to patients
  • The ability to put anxious patients at ease
  • Leadership skills for managing the dental team
  • Business and management skills to run a dental practice
  • A commitment to continuing professional development.

Not bad. Everyone has teeth so everyone needs a Dentist. Bodes well for all you budding teeth technicians!

So where next? Did you know The Sheffield College offer a Dental Technology Extended Diploma Level 3 and also a Dental Nursing Apprenticeship? We also have some fantastic Dental lab facilities for you to train in giving you plenty to smile about!


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