What it Really Takes To Get a Job in Fashion

If you’re one of the thousands of wannabe fashion designers graduating each year or even just starting out at college, you’ve watched countless series from Ugly Betty to Project Runway dreaming of a life working in fashion, write The Huffington Post. With so many graduates each year just from the UK alone the competition is tough. But what does it really take for those hopefuls hungry for a chance to get their foot in the fashion door to get a job?


Having a few good internships on your CV before applying for jobs is definitely a must, whilst giving you an insight into how the industry works and learning new skills you can also make some much needed contacts. As the moral goes in The Devil Wears Prada “Work here for a year and you can work anywhere.”


Needless to say it’s not always about where you studied, if you can show as equally good a portfolio and take the time to do so, as this is where you will set yourself apart from the other applicants. Really utilise all of your skills and show what you can do, as most companies now aren’t just looking for a one job Joey. You need a wide set of skills from computer skills to drawing and you’re more than likely to have a challenging job trying to juggle different tasks, where you will need all of these skills.


If you’re watching Sex and the City religiously, dreaming of attending fashion parties and dressing fabulous, chances are you’re in the wrong line of work. Although you may get the occasional party, you’re more likely to be working late whilst wearing your sweats and your bag you fought for at the last sample sale. But if you really love what you are doing, then it will be fun. If you’re not committed to the job or willing to make sacrifices on your social life then maybe don’t look for a job in high fashion. In a competitive field where thousands are after the same dream job, maybe lower your expectations and take what

If you think you’ve got what it takes to break into the fashion industry, check out some of the fantastic courses we offer at The Sheffield College!


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