19 Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas That Will Scar You Forever

Just two days to go until Sheffield will be awash with witches and ghosts, zombies and skeletons.

Don’t fall into the trap of looking like everyone else though! BuzzFeed have collated 19 utterly petrifying makeup ideas that will frighten the life out of anyone and everyone, and ensure you look nothing like anyone else – or yourself for that matter!

1. Queen of Darkness

Queen of Darkness

Dope2111 / Via youtube.com

See the entire  terrifying tutorial from here.

2. Jack-o-Lantern


Alycia Marie / Via youtube.com

See Alycia Marie’s full tutorial here.

3. Killer Snail

Killer Snail

Ellimacs sfx makeup / Via youtube.com

Watch Ellimacs sfx makeup’s tutorial here if you can stomach it.

4. Neon Skull

Neon Skull

Desi Perkins / Via youtube.com

Here’s the entire tutorial for Desi Perkin’s Neon & Blacklight makeup.

7. Batman vs. Joker

Batman vs. Joker

Mariam Luso / Via youtube.com

Watch the tutorial from Mariam Luso here.

8. Zombie Elsa

Zombie Elsa

AwesomenessTV / Via youtube.com

Here’s the full video from AwesomenessTV.

10. Devil


Ssweetcriss / Via youtube.com

Watch Ssweetcriss’ tutorial with the lights on.

15. Alien


NsomniaksDream / Via youtube.com

Watch NsomniaksDream’s full video here.

Always thought there was so much more to makeup than the day to day designs?! As you can see from above, you were exactly right! Check out our makeup courses and soon you’ll be able to produce utterly terrifying designs with ease/


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